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Reading Perm Upto £50,000 Alfen/Reis

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With over 30 years in design and manufacturing, our client is a global supplier of world class data capture solutions to the Airports, Airlines, Retail, Banking, Government, Rail & Bus and Security industries. Headquartered in Reading, UK, they have sales and infrastructure support in the USA, Middle East, India, China, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Australasia.

Management Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the development of the Company as a member of the Management Team and be aware of the organisation’s financial and strategic position and needs.
  • Write a Job Description and SOP’s for immediate subordinate and manage and develop them by assisting and guiding them with their work. Coach subordinates by regular informal performance assessments and carry out formal reviews and appraisals as required.
  • Ensure your subordinate meet their training and development requirements and that learning opportunities are given at appropriate times.
  • Maintain excellent communications with all departments, liaise with Sales, Purchasing and Engineering so that everyone is aware of quality and test issues affecting the production schedule.
  • Evaluate subcontractors for production tasks that may be outsourced for cost-reduction and capacity short-falls.
  • Be responsible for facilities management including alarm systems, liaison with estate security, repairs of breakages and maintenance.
  • Ensure that the Health and Safety and quality requirements of the new processes are managed. E.g. work instructions, safety protection, machine maintenance, calibration, settings etc.

Quality Management Responsibilities:

  • Carry out induction and on-going refreshment training for the Quality System and Health and Safety to all members of staff in the company.
  • Raise the general level of quality awareness within the company. Make frequent patrols of the production line every day.

The supervision of in-house inspection function.

  • Ensure that any issue that affects quality or productivity is resolved. Seek assistance from your manager if the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Organise and chair Quality Management Review meetings.
  • Ensure that the Production Permit system is used to control Build variations and deviations from build specifications and the ideal quality level. Ensure that Production Permits have limited scope and duration and are signed by a Director.

Health and Safety Management:

  • Act of Safety Officer with day to day responsibility for assessing and ensuring the health and safety and welfare of all employees and others on the premises.
  • Operate and promote safe working practices.
  • Ensure that necessary policies and procedures are in place and observed.
  • Conduct risk assessments to the health and safety of the employees during the performance of their duties and to the health and safety of others while on the premises.
  • Establish preventative measures and implement improvements to eliminate those risks, or if that is not reasonably practicable, to reduce them. Risk assessments of this type will be performed annually or sooner if the Safety Officer determines that the assessment is no longer valid or if there is significant change to Access’ operations.
  • Be responsible for Electrical Appliance Testing. Organise regular Audits of the current status of Safety Electrical Testing on all existing equipment and ensure that is up to date and complete. Review the previously introduced procedures and, if required, make amendments to them. Enforce testing of new equipment.
  • Maintain a log of Personal Protective Equipment and ensure staff are issued and sign for any PPE issued. Ensure that PPE is properly used and maintained by staff to who it has been issued.
  • Undertake building evacuation tests (Fire Drill) at least every 12 months.

First Aid and First Aid Incidents:

  • Report any First Aid incident to Lorraine Hall or Guy-Franck Nakach and also report any follow up actions required. Ensure that any accidents which are reportable to RIDOR are logged without delay.
  • Ensure that Access’ First Aiders are up to date with their First Aid training.

COSHH Specific:

  • Maintain COSHH Records
  • Generate new, and maintain existing COSHH Assessments as required.
  • Deliver staff training on Handling of reagents and Handling.
  • Maintain surveillance and necessary use of Protective Measures

Health & Safety Training 

Review the Company’s current practices and implement a plan to maintain control and delivery of the  Health and Safety policy. Ensure that mandatory requirements are complied with and that you make every effort to ensure the safe working environment is maintained.

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