Alfen works closely with our clients (usually on an exclusive basis) to provide a tailored, proactive approach to permanent hiring and retention.

Our extensive background in the tech recruitment sector enables our clients and candidates access to the highest calibre of roles and team members across all levels from graduate to C-level.

Alfen offers;

For the candidate

  • First and foremost, we are able to match you with some of the leading lights in the industry (whether this is a disruptive start up, established company or consultancy) we pride ourselves on working with exciting tech companies who care; If we aren’t confident they are a great place to work we won’t ask you to work there!
  • An honest approach; we always provide feedback (even if we are not bringing you good news)
  • Alfen will never send your CV to a client without first telling you; who they are, what they do, and what you will be doing.
  • We also offer tailored interview coaching and advice.
  • Up to date information on market salaries
  • Introductions and networking; because we are personal with our candidates we are able to put you in touch with other like-minded people; particularly useful if you are relocating!


For the client

  • We take pride in our metrics but are not a slave to them; we run a 1.2 CV to interview ratio and have done since the start; this means every CV we send you Is a viable candidate for your role.
  • We understand that in most cases you have an actual job to do which is not solely hiring new staff; Alfen helps you save time by getting a real understanding of your culture, when this is combined with our understanding of technology we can ensure you are meeting the right people.
  • Alfen has proven experience of providing the best candidates to your business; regardless of if you are hiring one person to replace a retiree or a whole team for your start-up.
  • We are a full service agency which means we do not just put out an add and trawl through the job boards; we use our extensive networks, social media and newest recruitment tools to ensure that your company has access to the most gifted and enthusiastic talent.
  • We also provide additional services to support you through your key hires; Technical testing, group selection days, client branding and engagement strategies, retention strategies and succession planning. We work on both a retained and contingency basis and adapt to each role and client; the only thing that remains static is our commitment to everyone we work with.

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